At Home In Europe

Posted: Jun 6, 2007
Urban Units' Malte Steiner was invited in may 2007 by BEK (Bergen Center for Electronic Arts) to design and program the user interface software for a touchscreen application of the mobile video exhibition Big M from New Castle, UK.
The first exhibition happend in Sofia during the At Home In Europe  project in Sofia at end of may and continue to be shown in several countrys during the next months. See for more at  http://athomeineurope.eu/activities_mtour.php.

Initially several librarys for the interface were considerd by Steiner inclusive Cairo and libavg, but at the end he fall back to OpenGL which he used for all latest projects like Elektronengehirn, 31101 Orchester and Notstandskomitee. One of the reasons apart from familarity is the hardware acceleration which comes inherent of OpenGL.

The software is programmed in C++ for Linux and open sourced under GPL licence and hosted at Sourceforge.openGL interface by Malte Steiner